RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition

Seyed M Nasehi

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Why You Should Avoid Identity Sync Like Wildfire?

When we built our single sign-on service, we learned that syncing identity changes among applications can be deceptively complex. This is because we had to iteratively deploy the SSO service while supporting our existing applications that used the service. In this talk, we discuss lessons learned and recommendations on three key identity sync problems: 1) using editable fields such as email as an ID, 2) relying on unproven promises by standards such as SCIM, and 3) split-tenant situation. This talk will help developers avoid some pitfalls while building or working with an identity service.

Seyed M Nasehi

Seyed M Nasehi is a software engineer at Cisco with a decade of software development experience. He's been building Ruby on Rails applications in the past 3 years to help customers who are using Cisco security products. His latest involvement was building a single sign-on service to be used by multiple security products within Cisco.

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