RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition

Justin Gordon

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Webpacker, It-Just-Works, But How?

How does the Webpacker gem provide "it-just-works" webpack integration with Rails? That simplicity did not come easily. The rich functionality, complexity, and rapid evolution of the webpack ecosystem necessitated extension points beyond a simple Ruby config file.

Yet you need to know almost nothing about webpack to leverage the modern JavaScript ecosystem. But what if you want to extend the standard configuration? What information might help you upgrade webpack and webpacker in the future?

This talk will explain the magical plumbing of Webpacker so you can leverage the webpack ecosystem on your terms.

For the talk slides, email Justin at justin@shakacode.com.

Justin Gordon

Justin has been a passionate user of webpack since early 2014 when he just could not stand copy-pasting one more jQuery file into his Rails project. In 2015, he created the gem "React on Rails," which integrated server-side rendered React and Webpack with Rails long before the Webpacker gem. These days, as CEO of ShakaCode.com, he helps companies optimize their Rails websites. He and his ShakaCode team also build Rails apps with modern front-ends, including their startup app, HiChee.com.

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