RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition

Jason Meller

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Inoculating Rails Auth Against Bug Bounty Hunters

You've rolled up your sleeves and built the most secure custom auth ever conceived by a dev team. Suddenly, your CTO informs you that your app will be participating in the Org's new Bug Bounty program. Terror fills your heart as you imagine security experts making mince-meat of your beautiful auth system. If only you knew their game plan... Kolide's CEO, Jason Meller has been rolling his own Rails auth for over a decade and has the bug bounty receipts to prove it. In this talk, he will walk you through Kolide's actual bounty reports so you can level up your team's auth system.

Jason Meller

Jason Meller is the CEO and Founder of Kolide, a security focused infrastructure analytics company. Jason has spent the majority of his 11 year career building tools and products in Ruby on Rails to aid cyber security professionals with the goal of ultimately making the field more accessible to newcomers.

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