RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition

Eric Hayes

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Wrangle Your SQL With Arel

You wanted to use those fancy Postgres features so you wrote raw SQL. Some time and a few more features go by and now your app is littered with SQL strings. Keep the power and lose the mess by building composable query objects that leverage Arel, the query builder under the hood of ActiveRecord.

Come to this talk and learn what Arel is, how to construct complex SQL with Ruby, and how to wrap it all up in model-like classes that play nice with Rails.

Eric Hayes

Eric Hayes started using Ruby while working at a school district in 2006. He's been social distancing since 2016 working remotely for Red Hat. In 2017 he became the CTO of a small, all-remote business where he gets to play with everything from design to databases.

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